Smile Design & Direct Composite Bonding

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Composite is the most versatile material in dentistry. It can be used to straighten teeth, fill gaps, change the color of teeth, change the position of teeth, replace fractured portions of teeth, repair fractured porcelain, and more. Success with composite depends on the material you choose and the technique you use.
You will learn how to:

  • Do invisible restorations with undetectable margins
  • Change a dark tooth to match natural dentition
  • Do invisible Class 3, 4, and 5 restoration
  • Do a diastema closure
  • Do a composite veneer
  • Perform an in-the-mouth mock-up using two easy, predictable methods
  • Phase large cases and use transitional bonding to test and finalize cases

We have found that techniques for excellence with composites are best learned in a workshop where you perform each exercise with guidance and feedback from the instructor.
Today our patients are better informed and more interested in what their options are. Properly done direct composite creates a wealth of options for our patients, once we have mastered the techniques required to deliver excellence.



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