All Ceramic Restorations & Advanced Esthetic Restorative Procedures

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Dentist and technicians are equal partners in delivering excellence. Most of the time neither fully understand what the other needs to do their best. This course is designed for dentist and technicians who want to understand what they can do to make their partner's job easier and better. Principles and techniques for success with all ceramic restorations will be covered from the dentist and lab perspective. The hands-on exercises will cover everything from prep to seat for both the dentist and technician.
You will learn:

  • The things that cause all-ceramic restorations to fail and what you can do to make them last
  • A new preparation design for new tops on back teeth that conserves natural tooth structure
  • New preparation designs for all-ceramic restorations in seven different situations
  • Cordless impression technique that is kind to the tissue and yields a perfect impression
  • How to fabricate prototypes (temporaries) that mimic the final result that the patient can use as a road test
  • A bonding technique that gives "0" sensitivity and high bond strength
  • How to communicate with the lab to get higher quality work and predictable results


Technicians will learn:

  • Specific techniques on how to get high end esthetics
  • How to perfect the 7 different all ceramic crowns and "new tops"
  • Technicians will fabricate crowns for the dentists to bond
  • Model fabrication and articulation protocols
  • Fabrication of anterior porcelain laminate veneer using the refractory die technique
  • Specific techniques for everyday use to achieve natural esthetics
  • Techniques for the adjustment or correction of all-ceramic restorations


Dentist   $5800
Technician    $2500

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