Course Reviews

Discover why more and more dentists are turning to The Eubank Institute for their clinical training and education

"Unequivocally the best value CE programs I've had the privilege of attending! The step-by-step instruction is outstanding and delivered to small groups in a safe learning environment."

- Dr. Allen Bruley

"Thank you for all of your help and personal attention at the occlusion course. I can definitely attest to your extraordinary teaching style and communication skills. I know I am a much more effective dentist who finds life meaning and satisfaction in my dentistry."

- Dr. Rob Minch

"The continuum of courses that I took prior to coming to the Eubank Institute were great, but I have always felt inadequate with many of the clinical steps. Your two occlusion courses truly brought confidence, clarity and peace of mind to me. You have absolutely no idea how much you have helped to change my life. Thank you for everything!"

- John Kling, II, DDS, FAGD, PC


"I have gone to many seminars and heard it all from the best, to the most obscure, and I can say this with great confidence: Dr. Eubank's is simply the best. His humility, patience and depth of knowledge have never ceased to amaze me. He is an inspiration."

- Dr. Rose Tranllgyeau


"Dr. Eubank's passion for giving and teaching others is a gift. His courses inspire me to want to get better and better... and I feel that there is not a better, more enthusiastic mentor for me to model my practice after."

- Dr. Brenda Jennings


"This is the place to understand and implement the combination of occlusion and esthetics."

- Dr. Jim Pierce


"I am blown away by Dr. Eubank's depth in all facets of restorative dentistry and have never encountered anyone in my 21 years of practicing dentistry that even comes close to his complete level of accomplishment... and I've been exposed to some great dentists."

- Dr. Dennis Wells


"As a restorative dentist seeking a better way to deliver comprehensive occlusal therapy, I have taken many hands-on and continuum courses. After completing the occlusion course series at the Eubank Institute, I found the teaching approach of occlusal principles and the unique teaching style developed by Dr. Eubank, to be the most clinically applicable of any program I have ever taken."

- Dr. Dan Armstrong


"I have always been anxious to thoroughly understand occlusion so I have taken several courses from different instructors. Dr. Eubanks is the first instructor to break down the concepts and make them easy to understand 'and apply.' He taught me step-by-step and gave me recipes for all types of occlusal issues."

- Dr. Beatriz Dennis


"Any course Dr. Eubank believes is worth teaching... I believe is worth taking. Not only is he a great educator, presenting new material in an organized, concise way... he is a great dentist and ceramist. His systems are understandable and the information can be applied in your office the next day. Bottom line is: if you want to love what you do, have more fun doing it, and make more money, then become a student of the Eubank Institute."

- Dr. Stan Golden


"The hands-on with a small group allows more one-one-one attention. The program style is excellent and the material is presented in a manner that is easy to comprehend."

- Dr. Teresa Hills


"Thank you for the genuine and caring manner in which you treat your students. I feel very fortunate to have found the Eubank Institute."

- Dr. Joey Pitts


"Attending courses at the Eubank Institute has given me 'real life' dental techniques that I can take back to practice and improve patient's health immediately! Dr. Eubanks and his training staff are so generous with their time and are dedicated to making your learning experience the best it can be."

- Dr. Sxaui Blaha


"The best courses I've ever been to with regards to applying what I have learned in the course to my practice. I am much better equipped to serve my patients with the quality dentistry they deserve. "

- Dr. Leigh Ledford